Implemented projects
Implemented projects

Since 2006, the following projects and activities have been implemented:

  1. Eco awakening and Eco Municipality Ulcinj – Parliament of Montenegro – 1500 eur
  2. Protection of natural resources of Ulcinj 2007/2008 – 1500 eur
  3. Green Agenda project with financial support from the Netherlands, 2009/2010, –
    13,500 eur
  4. Project Clean, Cleaner – to all prettily, 2009, Ministry of Environmental Protection of
    Montenegro – 1500 eur
  5. Resources to Sustainable Development 2008/2009, Parliament of Montenegro – 2000
  6. Avoid the cigarette you will hit the target 2010/2011, the Fund of games of chance –
    6000 eur.
  7. I love Ulcinj and you 2013/2014, Municipality of Ulcinj – 2250 eur.
  8. Participation at the ecology fair in Budva with the eco-products of Ulcinj, 2008/2009
  9. Participation at the Healthy Food Fair in Skodra-Skadar, Albania 2009
  10. Participation in the campaign Blue Flag at the beaches of Ulcinj, 2007-2009
  11. Clean up actions as part of the Long Beach and Borovo Forest, each year on the
    occasion of April 22, the Planet Earth Day, P.C. Morsko Dobro Budva – 500 eur
  12. Organizing the Eco Regatta in the Bojana River in 2010 on the occasion of September
    20 – the day of the Ecological State of Montenegro with the participation of about 50
    kayaks from Montenegro, BiH and Albania
  13. Consultant role in the IPA Project – Integrated Skadar Lake Ecosystem Management
    in the realization of NGO Ylberi Skodra, Faculty of Agriculture in Tirana, NGO Green
    Home from Podgorica and NGO UBA from Ulcinj 2013/2014 (Cris No: 287289).
  14. Bojanatour Project funded by CEPF 2013-2015 – 16,000 eur. (Code: 63758)
  15. Port Milena project brochure production in 3 languages ​​funded by the municipality
    Ulcinj and J.P. Morsko Dobro Budva.
  16. Project “Significance of Protected Areas for Economic Development” funded by the
    WBF Fund. May-December 2018, 15,390 EUR (No. 258-2017)